What Professional Plymouth Roof Inspection Services Can Do For You

Plymouth Roof Inspections When a storm passes through the Plymouth County area, you'll see many of your neighbors and friends needing roof repairs. You may need roof repairs as well if you've had shingles torn loose or impact damages from hail storms, tree limbs, or other flying debris.

A large part of your home maintenance is having your roof repaired when there's problems. But many times homeowners will have roof damages that go unseen. With storm passing through, it's always a possibility that you can have damages hidden from view, especially from the level of the ground.

Even if you were to climb on your roof top to examine your roof, there are places you should be looking and things you should look for that warrant further investigation. But unless you're a trained, licensed roof inspector, these things will go missed.

Many homeowners don't know what the structure of their roof system is made of, and those that do don't have the education, experience and training to know what to look for as far as damages or improper previous repairs.

That's why professional roof inspections are done by qualified inspectors. We have the advantage to find hidden issues that cause your roof problems soon, now, or later. For instance, did you know that one tiny nail hole can't be exposed or you'll wind up with moisture infiltrating the area?

You may think moisture in one small area isn't a problem because if the rain got in so will air to dry the area. But nothing could be less true in many cases. Rain will continue to allow moisture in and so will humidity factors. Just a light mist will cause moisture. So what's the problem with moisture in an tiny little nail hole? A lot!

Moisture under your roof structure can cause mildew and mold to grow. Did you know mold and mildew are just about everywhere in the air, on surfaces? Once it finds the right conditions, it can produce toxins as it grows which are what actually make us sick.

The mold or mildew in and of themselves aren't toxic to humans, it's the spores they release into the air when they feed and grow. Killing them rids the root cause of the spores. But if growing on your roof, they destroy the roofing materials.

Moisture, darkness, and warmth are all they need to thrive and the attic or wall cavities attached to the roof are prime areas for problems with mold and mildew because they are warm, dark, and now have added moisture with roof damages.

Professional inspections spot issues that are present and can get worse for your roof. They give you detailed information on the condition of your roof and what to expect from it in years to come. They can estimate about how much longer your current roof should last before needing replacement. And they can tell you whether or not your roof structure is safe, conforming to current building safety codes so the proper repairs can be made.

All in all, professional roof inspections do a lot for you personally as a homeowner and are very useful. Many homeowners have the service done for insurance claims and when selling their home or buying new. When you need a roof inspection, come to the experts at Cazeault Roofing & Solar of Plymouth County where you'll find out everything there is to know about your Plymouth county roof!

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