Roof Replacement in Plymouth

Plymouth Roofing ContractorNo matter how much care and maintenance you have performed on your roofing, it will need to be replaced eventually. Whether prematurely or after several years, roofs fall into such a state of disrepair that replacing your roof is the best course of action.

At Cazeault Roofing & Solar of Plymouth County, our professional roofing contractors can make sure that your new roof is a perfect fit for your home, and that it's perfectly installed. Our company has been providing quality roofing services to homeowners in Plymouth since 1927, and we've remained a family owned and operated business throughout the years. We can confidently guarantee your complete satisfaction with all of the work that we provide.

Some Signs that You May Need to Consider a Roof Replacement Include:

  • Bare Spots

The protective granular surface of asphalt shingles will wear as the shingles begin to harden over time. Bare spots are often accompanied by fine fissures of the shingles' surface and by the accumulation of granules in the gutters.

  • Curling

The edges of shingles may begin to curl upward over time, which can leave them very susceptible to damage from wind and ice.

  • Broken Shingles

Because shingles help your roofing shed water, any broken, torn, or missing shingles become entry points for water, especially on low slope roofs where run-off is slower, and at the peak of the roof, where shingles are especially vulnerable to strong winds.

  • Clawing

Clawing is the curling under of the shingle tab's bottom edge and it's part of the normal aging process of shingles. The bulge that is created is susceptible to substantial damage by wind, hail, and ice.

  • Flashing

Many problems can occur at the flashing around the vents and chimneys, and along walls and valleys. Problems in these areas are not normally visible to the untrained eye, but if you have a leak, you should check here first.

Our Roof replacement Contractors Provide These Detailed Services in Plymouth

  • New Roof Replacement
  • Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement
  • Cedar Roof Replacement
  • Tin Roof Replacement
  • Standing Seam Roof Replacement
  • Flat Roof Replacement
  • Roof Replacement Quotes
  • Roof Replacement Estimates
  • Old Roof Replacement
  • Roof Replacement For Seniors
  • Roof Replacement Covered by Homeowners Insurance
  • Residential Roof Replacement
  • Commercial Roof Replacement

The Importance of Quality Roof Replacements

Our professional roofing contractors know how important your roofing is to your home, and how important your home is to you and your family. We know that replacing a roof is neither inexpensive or easy, but a proper and professional installation is the first step toward having a healthy roof years to come. Plus, any mistakes that are made while replacing your Plymouth home's roofing can be extremely difficult and expensive to repair.

If you're looking for a roof replacement in Plymouth, call Cazeault Roofing & Solar of Plymouth County at 508-747-3800, or fill out our online request form.

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