Windows for Your Plymouth Home

Plymouth Roofing ContractorYour home's windows are one of the most important of its exterior appearance, and that's just the beginning of what they offer. Windows are a huge part of your Plymouth home's energy efficiency and older, worn out windows can have a detrimental effect on your energy efficiency, which will force you to overpay for heating and cooling costs.

Windows should be able to keep your conditioned air inside your home and outdoor air outside. But when they get into too bad of a condition, they'll fail to achieve this. Often, you'll notice that the panes feel cold to the touch in the winter, and you may even feel a draft coming through the cracks.

If you've noticed any of these problems, it's probably time to have your windows replaced. The professionals at Cazeault Roofing & Solar of Plymouth County can provide you with high quality replacement windows and make sure that they're perfectly installed. We also offer sun tunnels and skylights.

Replacement Windows for Renovations

Our replacement windows are available in a number of different types and styles, and your new windows will be able to completely change the way any room in your Plymouth home looks and feels. These windows will last for years, make your home more valuable, and they're the perfect addition to any home.

Velux Sun Tunnels

  • Highly reflective rigid tunnel

The TMR rigid VELUX SUN TUNNEL™ skylight features a highly reflective tunnel that provides brighter, whiter light output in any application. This makes the Model TMR great for most applications, even those with long tunnel runs or those in areas with less sunlight.

  • Pitched metal flashing

The TMR SUN TUNNEL skylight features an innovative one-piece pitched metal flashing that is designed to keep out the elements while providing the optimal angle for gathering light from all directions.

  • Ceiling frame

The TMR VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylight comes with a pre-assembled ceiling ring and paintable ceiling trim ring to complete any look.

  • Installation slope

The TMR VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylight installs on roofs with slopes between 15° (3:12) and 60° (20:12).

Tradition Skylights

VELUX offers a complete system of complementary products and accessories for any solution from installation right down to the finishing touches. Select from the categories to the left to find the right residential skylight for your Plymouth home.

The VELUX deck mounted and now curb mounted product family is designated the No Leak Skylight. It carries the new 10-year installation warranty plus 20 years on glass, 10 years on product, and 5 years on blinds and control.

Features include 3 layers of water protection—advanced LoE3 glass for better energy efficiency higher visible light transmittance, and improved solar heat gain performance—money-saving pre-finished white framed and sashed—pre-mounted brackets for quick installation of sunscreen blinds—lower roof profile with an updated curved architectural design—and a neutral gray color to blend with most roof materials and colors.

If you're looking for work on your Plymouth home's windows, call Cazeault Roofing & Solar of Plymouth County at 508-747-3800, or fill out our online request form.